Friday, September 5, 2008

Who are we?

This will be quick, just a little overview for those we may not have seen for a while. I'll attach some pictures later.

Jonas is the newest little Fisher. He is 8 months old today. The time has really flown - it always does. He was on the small end when he was born, and he got really sick when he was one month old so he got even smaller. He is up to the 5th percentile now, and doesn't look thin - he is just small. He looks about 6 months old, but he moves like he is 10 months old. He has been crawling for quite a while and is now starting to stand up and try to walk. He is really strong and tough - he gets run over by his older siblings occasionally and doesn't even whimper. I suppose that is an important characteristic in younger siblings. He is the sweetest thing, and is smiling and laughing about 99.99% of the time. His Dad calls him "Jack" and he is adored by his whole family. I am sad that we no longer have a newborn at home - I just love that stage - but he is such a joy and he really interacts with everyone, so this stage is fun too.

Grace is our only girl. She is 2.5 years old. She is a great balance of a tough kid who loves to wrestle and play with her big brothers and a girly-girl who loves to dress up and have her hair done. As we speak she is brushing my hair and singing songs that she is making up as she goes along. She is sweet and loving, but has a whiny streak lately that we are hoping she will outgrow. If you want a good pop in the jaw just call her a princess when her dad is around - he is insistent that we will not raise a spoiled princess. She is adorable and loves to play dolls and dance and sing.

Isaac is 4 and it will be hard to see him go off to school next year. He is a self-proclaimed "snuggle-bug," and he is a great help. He is always making me laugh. His name means laughter, and it fits him well. He is happy and so much fun. He is very smart and he really takes the time to sit and think about things. He is a problem solver, and is always quick to obey and to say "I'm sorry." He is very protective of his younger sister and brother, and he adores his big brother and loves to follow him around and copy what he is doing.

Samuel just turned 7 and started 2nd grade. I just can't believe that he is that old. He is a great gymnast, soccer play, violin player, artist, big brother, and friend. I love to just sit and talk to him and see how his mind works. He is always making a "project" or a plan. He is one of the most outgoing people I have ever met, and he makes friends so quickly. Everywhere we go he makes new friends. Everybody knows Sam! He is very empathetic and tender - he is always concerned with making sure that everyone is happy and having a good time. He loves school and does well at it. His memory is amazing, and he keeps me on my toes.

It is an amazing blessing a responsibility to be parents to these kids - they are really special people. I can't wait to see what they choose to do with their many talents.

We moved to New Hampshire in May of 2004. I can't believe that we have stayed in one place for so long! Before that we were pretty transient. Nate went to grad school in Florida and then took a job with Hewlett-Packard here. After about a year he left HP to take a job with BearingPoint. He is a management consultant, and he loves what he does (most of the time). He travels alot and gets to see the world (just don't ask him about Ireland - I'll have to remember to post about that sometime). He has also become a runner - he hasn't done a marathon yet, but he has been doing half-marathons, a sprint-triathalon, and next weekend he is part of a relay team for "Reach the Beach." Races have been good motivation for him to get in better shape, and it has been fun to go see him run. The kids love cheering for him.

I keep busy at home. Most of my days are pretty typical and full of cooking, cleaning, laundry, diaper changing, errands, etc. I babysit a little girl named Anna who is about Grace's age pretty regularly while her Dad is going back to school and her Mom is working. She has beautiful red hair - just like I wished for my kids. I am finishing my last BYU course via Independent Study and I will get my Bachelor's Degree this December. I am serving as the Stake Young Women's President, which keeps me hopping, but it has been a great opportunity to learn and grow and get to know people in our Stake.

We have had a busy, full summer and it is nice to move into the beautiful fall weather and the regular schedule! We are looking forward to going to my Sister's house in Michigan for Thanksgiving and having my whole family visit for Christmas.

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