Friday, September 5, 2008

The straw that broke the camel's back!

So, for literally MONTHS I have been saying "I'm going to start a blog soon." Over the past few weeks Nate has chimed in that he thinks that we should start a blog. Unfortunately, there just hasn't been a moment when that was the #1 thing on the list. However, last weekend blogging got a big bump up.

We had headed down to Boston to enjoy our last Saturday with Ben (Nate's brother who has been staying with us over the summer). We had tickets to the Red Sox game that night and decided to go down early, hit the Children's Museum for a while, and just walk through the city. That afternoon as we were crossing the street near Faneuil Hall we saw a group of street dancers. We knew that we had to stop because we all love street dancers, especially Sam (our oldest), and Ben hadn't seen them before. We found a nice spot on some grass just behind the group and caught most of their performance. They were pretty good - lots of good tricks. They weren't very funny - some of the groups just crack me up. Near the end most of them were standing in a line dancing together while they each took turns going out into the middle of the square to show off their moves. Isaac had been standing near me dancing for most of the show. Some ladies sitting near us were getting a good giggle out of watching him (he loves to dance and really lets his hips get into it). Anyway, one of the dancers looked back and saw him dancing and was cheering him on. After a minute he came and grabbed him and brought him up to the line. He danced there with the group for a few minutes and then they picked him up and put him in the middle and just left him there. Now, Isaac isn't shy. He is very friendly, but he doesn't love to be the center of attention the way that his big brother does. I half expected him to run back and jump on my lap. But he didn't. He broke out some moves I had never seen! He was really into it - he was spinning and going up on his head the way they do. It was amazing. He was copying their style so well - I had NEVER seen him dance that way. I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. And the crowd loved it. There were probably about 200 people cheering for him. Then a couple of the dancers came out and hammed it up with him. They made it look like he was spinning a basketball on his finger and they did some funny strength poses with him, then one of them picked him up and brought him back to me (I think that they wanted to get the spotlight back where it was supposed to be - on them). It was so hilarious, this tiny little white kid up there "breaking it down" with these big black guys. He was just totally matter-of-fact about it too.

At the end, Nate and I looked at each other and we both had the same thought, "WE HAVE TO START A BLOG." That story wasn't near as funny in writing as in person, but there are just so many cute things that our kids do and say every day, and we just aren't capturing them. As much as I try to deny it, we will forget these times. So, to try to capture some of that I will try to record as much as I can here. Hopefully this will help our family get to know us better too - we live so far away. I'll try to post pictures when I can, and I'll do some "catch-up" posts to tell you more about us.

I have been a blog "lurker" for a while. I have some friends and family with beautiful blogs - creative, witty, colorful, great pictures. I think part of my hesitance has been that I know that I just can't compare with that. So, you'll have to take this as it is, and if we are the only ones who ever read this, then that is okay too!


Annie said...

Hi Rachel. Just saw on Facebook that you had a blog and had to come say hi. Welcome to blogland!

That is a hilarious story. Next time you'll have to pass around a hat for a little college fund money :)

Gough Family USA said...

I can just picture little Isaac dancing and spinning and GRINNING like crazy!!! I love the way to write Rachel! I'm so glad you've started a blog! Maybe this will motivate me to update mine sometime in the next millenia... or not! ;)

Sherrie Batty said...

I am so excited to see your blog. My children are always asking about their cousins, now we can show them how they are doing.

Great pictures and stories... I just love children.

I cannot believe Sam is in second grade... time goes by so swiftly.