Friday, September 12, 2008

Making Progress ... but different

So this is my first post, on my first blog, on my first time on the Internet ever (can you say "Troglodyte" or "Luddite"). Actually I have been on the Internet before and, in fact, I am posting this blog from the middle of the woods in Northern New Hampshire (yes, it's proper). How's that, "Mrs. and Bro. So-You-Think-I'm-Such-A-Troglodyte-and/or-Luddite"? (he said with great feeling)
So, why am I in the woods in NNH? Rachel alluded to it, but I will expand. I am in the bottom of the first third of a 200 mile road ... thing (to call it a race for our team would be generous). Our team of 12 is running 36 relay legs over around 30 hours. The first, other, car of 6 started this morning just before 10 AM. We are now waiting for the first runner from our car to finish her leg. I start running in about 2 hours and Lora runs after me.
It's been fun so far. We've been admiring some great scenery and I had a great hamburger at a roadside diner; but only after we had a lively discussion about the relative merits of protein vs. complex vs. simple carbs approximately 4-6 hours before running. It was decided that hamburger would be an appropriate choice, which is good because I was probably going to have the hamburger anyway.
It's time to go cheer our first runner. I will keep you posted as we progress.


Tori said...

Oh, Zane will be so jealous. He really likes that race. Good luck and enjoy the run!

Russell Fisher said...

Blogger: so easy, a caveman can do it.

*Just at that moment, Nathan stomps away from the computer in disgust. He was clearly offended by that remark. Seriously, I didn't know they actually existed anymore.*