Saturday, September 13, 2008

Making Progress ... but painfully #3

Coming to you live from a strip mall parking lot in NH - recent updates to hour progress.

I just finished my second leg in the last hour. Lora is in the middle of her second leg. For me the second leg was better (better split time, more enjoyable), but some of our car has posted slower times. It could have something to do with starting the legs for our car just prior to 2AM and with getting only about 2 hours of sleep on a High School lawn. Interestingly, the High School was the wrong transition point and we actually had to back track to the previous transition area, but it worked out okay.
I'm still pretty wired from my leg, but I think I am going to crash pretty soon. Teppo has to finish his leg (after Lora) and then we have about 4 hours until our next (last) legs. My calves are a little tight and one of my arches feels like it's cramping, but all in all I feel pretty good and I would definitely like to do this event again.


Russell Fisher said...

Okay, you've convinced me; I am never going to run further than 3.10685596 miles.

Cristall said...

Cool. I don't understand how your event works, but it sounds cool. Good for you!

kelly said...

It is fun to read what van 2 did. I wish there was some way that we could all rotate and get to be with everyone. I only got to really know the people in van 1 and wish that I could have got to know van 2 a little better. We did fabulous this year. More than 1/2 the team was their first time even doing the race and I am so glad that eveyone was able to stay healthy and happy and we did not have to wait at any transition area for anyone. I hope everyone will definitely do this race again next year. GO MOOSE TRACKS!