Saturday, September 6, 2008

Isaac pics - part 1

Isaac's Dad and Brother were so excited to hold him and play with him. He was such a sweet newborn (okay, they all were - really!)
Isaac's "special" toes. Two of the toes on his left foot are fused together. Sam has always found it fascinating, and when Grace and Jonas were born the first things he did when he saw them was check their toes - but Isaac is the only one with the special toes.
He was about 4 months old here.
About 8 months here. He looks so serious! He is a happy, silly kid, but he is "the thinker" in our family. He really takes the time to ponder and sort everything out.
He crawled so fast. I remember wondering if he would be a late walker because he got around so good. But, just like his older brother and younger sister he started walking before his first birthday.

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