Friday, September 5, 2008

What is Bethsaida?

I figured that I would have to get creative with a name for the blog site - I am so late jumping onto the blog bandwagon that most of the common names are surely taken. Luckily, my first choice was available! Nate has always wanted to name our house, or at least our future dream house, "Bethsaida." He said that it means house of fish (our last name is Fisher - cute, right?).

Before I posted it I checked to make sure that is really what it means. Sure enough, the first thing that came up was "house of fish." But, another meaning came up too - one site said "house of mercy," and while my kids may not always think we have enough mercy at our house, I love that. Would a house- a family- function without mercy? Sometimes we all have to forgive and forget, that's just the only way it will work. Otherwise we would all go crazy trying to keep score.

At our house, I tend to be too merciful and Nate is the strong arm. I am trying to work on that and keep things more balanced so that he can be free to be "fun daddy" more often. But, either way, we are all recipients of much mercy and love here!

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Elaine said...

I love your new blog! So funny--David was just telling me a few weeks ago how we need to name our next house. We haven't come up with a good one yet, but I love yours! So fun to see you guys this summer!