Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is our twelfth anniversary. It is also my baby brother’s birthday (he turned 8 on our wedding day), Earth Day, and the second anniversary of Sam’s first lost tooth. Big day. We had a great, albeit a bit cold and rainy, day. Nate’s brother Ben and his wife Megan are here for a visit. Our kids absolutely adore Ben. He lived with us for a fun summer a couple of years ago, and he is their “Bennybuddy.” They have been counting down the days until this visit for weeks.

Today we took them to the Henry Ford Museum, and historic Greenfield Village. Then we went to the church for cub scouts, then my sweet sister Martha watched all of the kids so that the four of us could go out on a double date to our favorite restaurant in Mexicantown. (I know, a double date on your anniversary is a bit odd, but they are only here for one quick weekend!)

It was a really fun day, and though it wasn’t spent in a traditionally “anniversary-esque” manner, it was certainly a day in which I have been grateful beyond measure for my good fortune in having met and married such a wonderful man. He is such a great husband and father, and being loved by him has changed me in so many ways, all of them good.

While we were at the village today, he took Eli back to the car for an hour for a nap and so that he could take a conference call (Nate on the call, Eli on the nap, if that wasn’t clear). While he was gone we rode the train, walked through Thomas Edison’s laboratory, and rode the carousel. After we had been riding the carousel for about a minute I heard one of the kids yell “Daddy!” and I looked over and there he was. Standing on the side helping Eli wave to us as we went past. I hadn’t expected him to rejoin us so quickly (I’m not sure how he found us!) and so the sight was totally unexpected. I had seen him just an hour before, but my heart started beating faster and I wanted to jump off the carousel and join him so that we could talk. It’s always been that way. That is actually one of our favorite definitions of love – that no matter how much time you have together you always want more. I had wondered if it would fade, or change, over time. But, it hasn’t. There is nobody else I would rather spend time with. Everything is better when he is with me.

He works so hard to support our family, in so many ways. He is great at balancing all of the important roles in his life and never letting any of us feel neglected. He is completely loyal and trustworthy. He knows everything about me – I have never been able to be so open with someone – and I never have to worry about him saying or doing anything that would betray my trust. He would never belittle or criticize me to anyone. It is a feeling of true freedom, to know that I have nothing at all to hide from him, and that no matter what he loves me unconditionally.

He has a bit of a temper, he is a redhead after all, but he has never spoken to me in anger. Sometimes the debater in me wishes that he would! He certainly gets frustrated with me sometimes, but would never fight with me. He very calmly waits and organizes his thoughts and is always eager to hear “my side of the story.”

He is very smart, and knows so many things about an unending number of subjects, but can rarely remember how old he is or what day of the week it is. I think it is pretty cute. It makes me feel needed (somebody has to fill out all those forms!).

I think that the very best thing about him, and I guess about our relationship, is gratitude. He always acknowledges the things that I do, and thanks me, and I try to do the same. Even when I feel like I haven’t done much he will thank me for keeping the kids alive! He makes me feel like the things that I do are important, and noticed, and that I have talents. He loves to compliment me and is helping me learn how to accept compliments  I never feel like anything is more important to him than my happiness, and the well-being of our children.

I wish that I was a better writer and could really express the way that he makes me feel, but I do want him to know how very much I love him, and always will. Forever just isn’t nearly long enough.


Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you guys have each other! And you are a great writer--it was a beautiful description of love!

L.J. said...

I really liked reading that, Rachel. Thank you. (and good to see you guys are back in the blogging world!)

Julie said...

What will I do with myself now that you're updating more often! I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Happy Anniversary -- sure love you guys. And your writing is perfect -- you expressed marriage (and successful marriage) perfectly.

Tiina said...

It sounds wonderful to have your sisters so close. We sure miss you guys.