Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly update

So much for clever blogpost titles. Let's be realistic here - all you'll get from me are rare, and probably rambling, updates on the life and times of seven crazy Fishers.

Since my last post we have had some great times. We were able to enjoy a fun-filled weekend with Ben and Megan. On Saturday, the 23rd, we took them to see our new house in Canton (we closed on the house in April, but we are renting it back to the prior owners until June 1st so that their kids can finish out the school year before their move to California). We just saw the outside of it, but we did get to take them inside the library, which is very close and provided a good bathroom break and a chance for the kids to get super-excited about moving. It has one of the best children's libraries that I have ever seen and we plan to use it very very often! We went from there to Ypsilanti to drive around the Eastern Michigan campus, which is one place that Ben is considering going to grad school (obviously we think that would be great). We also went to Ann Arbor to see the football stadium at Michigan University (the largest college football stadium) and to see what a great town it is and grab some Panera lunch.

Somehow we did all that, made it back in time for soccer (and naps for the littles and Aunt Megan), and then still had plenty of time to take them shopping at our favorite mall - up in Troy, and go have dinner at Cosi and walk around in our favorite town in Michigan - Birmingham. It was a fun really packed day. The weather was beautiful and while the kids weren't perfect during all of the driving it was actually cool to be all smooshed together in the van.

Easter Sunday was pretty low-key and relaxing. We had some little baskets for the kids, but didn't do an egg hunt or anything this year (we miss the Hansens in New Hampshire! We have LOVED having Easter with them the past few years.) We had Ruth and Andrew and their family, Ben and Megan, Martha, and the missionaries over for a nice Easter dinner.

On Monday Nate and Ben were able to help Ruth and Andrew move most of their large furniture to their new home in Livonia. Then they went into Nate’s office in Detroit for Ben to meet with someone there about a possible job after he graduates. That went well – it looks like he has lots of great options. We know that Detroit isn’t their top choice destination, but we would love them to live closer! They flew out late that afternoon, and after coaching soccer that evening Nate flew out as well.

For most of that week we just focused on helping the Goughs get moved into their new house. Martha and I traded off helping move loads of stuff to their new place and staying at my place with the 9 kiddos.

By the end of the week we were able to get the Trenton house totally cleaned out and the Livonia house settled enough for them to stay there, and Nate had a meeting in Chicago on Friday so the big boys and I decided to go with him. Martha was willing to stay at our place and take care of the younger three. It was just a quick trip but we had lots of fun. We drove over Friday morning (Nate was supposed to get home Thursday night but his flight was cancelled, so we picked him up at the Detroit airport on Friday morning and hit the road). It is only about a 4-hour drive, and the weather was beautiful. We parked right under his building downtown and had lunch at a Chinese place there, and then the boys and I went out for a walk while he went to his meetings. We had spent lots of time at Millenium Park just a month before, so this time we hit their favorite spots on the Magnificent Mile (Lego store, Disney store, etc.) and then headed to the Navy Pier. We were able to catch some great sun for tree-climbing, see a fun marionette show at the free family stage, buy some cute souvenirs for the little ones who got left at home, and take some silly pictures by the Pirate ships. Nate joined us after his meetings and we rode the big swings and the ferris wheel (the picture is of Me, Isaac and Sam on the ferris wheel).

Then we took a quick cab ride back to Nate’s office (we were cutting it a bit close on time for our dinner reservation, and the boys had never ridden in a cab so they were very excited). We took the car up to Lincoln park to go to a fun restaurant up there called “RJ Grunts.” It was Nathan’s parents’ favorite place when they lived in Chicago just after they got married. We had a fun dinner there and then headed to our hotel where I relaxed and the 3 boys went swimming.

We had to get back for soccer on Saturday, so after breakfast at the hotel we hit the road. We had seen a large Bass Pro Shops on the way the day before, and we told the boys that we could stop for a bit, but unfortunately they weren’t open yet, and we didn’t want to wait, so we just played on the stuff outside and then headed home.
After soccer Nate and Andrew offered to stay home with kids while Ruth and I took Martha out for a girl’s night. We wanted to thank her for helping them move and watching our kids while we went to Chicago. We went to a fun Indian place near Ruth’s new house. They had heard good things about it and it was really good. We will have to go again soon.

On Sunday we had Grandpa Kirk’s yummy grilled chicken, and then Martha went home with Ruth and Andrew to spend the week there helping Ruth get more settled, as Andrew had to go back to work on Monday (he had the previous 11 days off for the move). Nate flew out Monday and the kids and I got back to the normal school grind, and got the house all put back together. On Thursday we had gorgeous weather so Martha and I took all of the kids to Greenfield Village. Other than that it was a pretty normal week. The boys each played 2 soccer games (and I think that we won all 4 games), Grace had soccer on Friday, the boys had Choi Kwang Do twice (and got two stripes, which is good), Sam had a cub scout cookout, Nate and I had a date, and we started on getting the garage ready to move. We are trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible, and get all organized for this move. I have the schedule planned out with a project or two each day from now until the 6th of June, when we officially hand over the keys to this house. If I stay on track it should be a pretty smooth process. Fortunately we got rid of quite a bit when we moved from New Hampshire.

We are hoping that this next week we will know for sure if we are going to Hong Kong or not, and whether or not Nate is going to take an offer with a different consulting firm. We also may have our tenants moving out of our house in New Hampshire, and we’ll find that out this week as well. Fortunately we have a great property manager there. All in all it should be a great week (except that Nate is spending tomorrow in North Carolina – where I have wanted to visit – and I’m not going! I could have, but it just didn’t seem worth it for a day, and we had too many commitments this weekend for us to go earlier. Oh well, another time.)

On a much sadder note, we got some horrible news this week about some of our dear friends from New Hampshire. Their oldest daughter, who is now 11, had a brain tumor when she was 2. She has been in remission for several years, but the tumor is back and the prognosis isn’t looking great. It has been hard to hear bits and pieces of what is going on and to be too far away to be much help. We are praying for a miracle, and sending our love. It is every mother’s fear, and to feel it so close is so hard. Sam and Isaac are both worried about their friends who are her little sisters. I’m so grateful for the gospel. It not only gives us perspective and peace, but it gives us a way to communicate about these things, and to help each other.


Julie said...

I'll take a weekly update over nothing!

My favorite line of this post is, "Other than that it was a pretty normal week." Hahaha! This is why I love and admire you so much. You just keep on swimming (or more aptly put, you keep putting on a show-stopping synchronized swimming routine) week after week.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your Hong Kong plans. Exciting!

Elaine said...

I love to hear all about your family's many adventures! Happy Mother's Day! You are my hero!