Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time for lessons

Grace is taking care of Eli while I do the breakfast dishes. When I went to check on them they both had tutus on and she was teaching him Ballet. "Now class, please watch while I show you how to twirl." Poor baby. He just wants to play with his cars.

Samuel and Isaac have wriggled out of late-morning schoolwork by promising to keep Jack occupied for a while. (He already opened three cake mixes and unloaded the basement freezer this morning, so I fell for it. I had to post his angelic face today to remind me that he really is too adorable to sell.) They have all donned "ninja" outfits and are practicing their moves. Apparently all you need to be a ninja is a large black shirt with something red tied around your waist.

For part of his English assignment this morning Isaac had to write what he would ask his favorite character if he could interview him. Of course, he chose Batman. (I should interject to mention that he has NEVER seen a Batman movie, or even a cartoon, he just likes to check out the comic books from the library and we printed out the wikipedia on Batman for him and he studies it every day). He likes the idea that he actually COULD grow up to be like Batman - as opposed to a super-hero with special powers. To be Batman you just have to be smart, strong and rich! Sounds good to me.

Here is an excerpt from his interview: "You have the bravest job in the world. How are you so quick? How do you save so greatly?"


L.J. said...

haha :)

I think, "How do you save so greatly?" is a great question!

Cristall Harper said...

I love it. That's awesome.