Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few pics

I am notoriously bad about taking and/or posting pictures. But here are a few (mostly courtesy of my 7-year-old who has a nicer camera than me and actually takes pictures!)

A princess with a power tool. Classic Grace. Her mother loves and nurtures her feminine side, and she loves anything princess - but, let's face it, she is growing up in a house full of boys. She loves to wrestle, play with trucks and balls, and even use tools. (At least the tool matches her dress!)

In Christmas PJs, freshly opened on Christmas Eve. The ones in red are my kids (me with my penchant for everything-matching), and the other three are my sister Ruth's children. They were a fun bunch on Christmas morning.

Samuel as a shepherd in the nativity. Not the best quality photo (that's what you get when I'm behind the camera), but I just can't get over how old he is getting. He will be turning 8 and getting baptized in August. Wow.

Jonas' first haircut. In the sink at home. Dad wielding the clippers. He didn't mind it too much, and I was shocked at how much hair came off - he didn't seem to have much, but the mullet had to go. I am also still getting used to how much older he looks. He isn't a baby anymore. He has been my "baby" for longer than any of the others - I think because he retained his small size and fragility (due mostly to being sick for so long).

This is part of our backyard, blanketed in snow after one of the first snowfalls. It is beautiful and peaceful, and I sure love the way that winter LOOKS (I just don't like the way it FEELS. Bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

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