Monday, October 20, 2008

Some pics

Here is Samuel playing at his first recital! He is learning the Suzuki method, and he played his "Twinkle variations." All six of them - it is a long piece! But he did great. I was playing the piano accompaniment.

He takes lessons from a young woman in our ward, and her family put on a recital at their home with their children, some other families from the ward, and the students of their daughters. It was really neat, and the kids loved seeing all different instruments (piano, voilin, cello, harp, trumpet, bagpipe, and voice). The highlight was the "Petrie Family Song" - I wish we had video of that!

I have added two videos - I hope I did this right. The first is near the beginning, the second is the end with his little bow. Our camera isn't working great, sorry.


becky ward said...

that was so fun to watch! what a handsome little guy.

Cherie said...


Grandma is so proud of you. Did you know that I played the violin in 6th and 7th grade in my schools in California? I am so excited that you are learning to play so well!

Grandma Cherie

Russell Fisher said...
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Kim Fisher said...

Oh bravo, Sam! Well done! I hope you'll be able to bring your violin when you come out to Idaho and Utah. I'd love to play with you. Keep up the good work.